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What The World Needs Now!

TPI-ROund-1501On January 11th, a new venture was started to create an institute where performing artists of all ages, could learn the street smarts, the subjects that aren’t taught in any school.

As we all know, the performing arts has practically been eliminated from many schools but talented, passionate people continue to spring up all over the world. Talent has never been or will be suppressed.

The Performers Institute will initially start out concentrating on music and maybe dance but our forward thinking idea is for it to be a community of all Performing Arts. We want people with passion for the Performing Arts, to be armed with all the knowledge to become successful by explaining that success these days requires more than just talent.

We will hold instructional classes on songwriting copyright law, contracts, taxes for artists, social media promotion, booking gigs, etc. The list of instructional courses is endless and we will hold in-house classes, record them and upload them to our website so the world can gain access to this information.

We will be holding a Performing Artists networking meeting so all the performing artists in the valley looking to meet other performing artists, can meet, exchange business cards, talk about what they are looking for and simply reduce the gap that exist in our community so talented people are not sitting at home in isolation from each other.

There is no other institute like this in the world and we are going to shape the future of generations who want to be in the Performing Arts but are so afraid of the “starving artist” mentality. We want to eliminate the “starving artist” mentality forever!

Everyone that has come to visit the institute, can immediately see the dream and it’s potential. We hope you too can see our lofty goals and agree it is not only extremely interesting but necessary to the health and wellbeing of the Performing Arts for generations to come.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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