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Second British Invasion – Coldplay (1 Week)

Coldplay 1 Week British Rock Camp – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 We thought it would be cool to work on tunes by one of the biggest melodic rock groups to hit the scene in a long, long time. Chris Martin’s vocal range will be a challenge for any vocalist brave enough to take […]

UFOs & Rock N’ Roll – Foo Fighters (1 Week)

Foo Fighters 1 Week Rock N’ Roll Camp – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 The Foo Fighters have created some of the greatest new rock to come out of the late 90s. Dave Grohl continues to push boundaries with his amazing songwriting, singing, guitar playing and still killer drumming from time to time. Foo […]

Light My Fire – The Doors (1 Week)

The Doors 1 Week Rock Camp –$500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 The Doors are legends of Rock N’ Roll. The left a mark on American Rock that will live on forever. Their style had a certain improvisational aspect to it which makes their music extremely different from what was happening during their time on […]

Are You Experienced Camp – Jimi Hendrix (4 Days)

Jimi Hendrix 4 Days Camp (Experienced) – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 Jimi Hendrix was by far one of the most important figures in Rock N’ Rock and is still a huge influence on the music that is being created today. If you play guitar and haven’t heard or studied some of Hendrix’s material, […]

Punk Rock Camp – Green Day (1 Week)

 Green Day 1 WeekPunk Rock Camp – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 Green Day is one of our favorite bands and we love teaching and working on these songs.  They are one of the most exciting bands we’ve ever seen live!  They are non-stop for 2 hours straight and incredibly entertaining. How they can […]

Funk Music Camp – James Brown (1 Week)

 James Brown 1 Week Funk Music Camp – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 Funk music has always been an exciting genre and it has appeared throughout many of styles since it’s inception.  Many of today’s beats and samples come from many of the hit tunes during the funk ear.  There has been a resurgence in […]

Blues Jam – Monday June 6th 7-10PM

Come on out and jam in a cool environment that is The Performers Institute. We are here to help improve all aspects of our musical community and hosting events like this is just one small way we hope to bring us all together. The main stage is back lined with keys and an amp, a […]

Seattle Grunge Camp – Nirvana (1 Week)

Seattle Grunge  – Nirvana 1 Week Camp – $500 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300 Nirvana was best known for introducing grunge music to listeners outside of the Seattle scene and eventually to the world.  This music will leave your muscles tired and your voices horse.  If you want to find out the magic that was behind […]

British Invasion Camp – Beatles (4 days)

British Invasion Camp – Beatles (4 days) – $400 GRAND OPENING SPECIAL = $300  This camp is for those who want to delve into the Beatles music and have fun learning the parts both on instruments and also working hard on the vocal harmonies.  The Beatles music might sound easy but when you dig into it, you […]

Arizona Musicians Hang – May 22nd 2-4PM

Sunday May. 22nd from 2-4PM!!! $5 Do you want to meet like-minded musicians who are interested in the same things you are? Is putting up ads on Craigslist a drag and mostly a waste of time? Want to find the perfect drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, saxophonist or keyboard player and more for your project? Here’s […]

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