Duke Gadd

Duke Gadd

Drum Instructor
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Duke attended Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY – Studied privately with John Beck (reading, rudiments, technique)

In 2003 he attended Los Angeles Music Academy and studied with Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Sherman Ferguson and Tony Inzalaco.  While there, Duke studied various styles including Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Afro Cuban, and Brazilian Batucada. His curriculum also included rhythm studies, odd time, music theory, music business, technique and reading.

Besides playing drums, Duke got into playing bass and guitar at 16.  There were times when there were no other musicians around to jam with so he started playing other instruments by ear including piano (Richard Tee influence).  He recorded bass tracks for a Long Island Band, John Doe, at age 15.  He also plays percussion alongside his dad, Steve Gadd, at various live performances.

Some notable information regarding Duke’s experience & performances:

Novemeber 5, 2015, Mika Stoltzman on Clarinet and Marimba, Carnegie Hall

Aug. 13, 2015 Rockport Jazz Festival Mikarimba Featuring Mika Stoltzman, (Marimba), Steve Gadd (Drums), Shin Sakaino (Bass), John Tropea (Guitar), Duke Gadd (Drums), Richard Stoltzman (clarinet)

Feb 13, 2015 Michael Landau Group – Michael Landau (Guitar), Jimmy Johnson (Bass) and Duke Gadd (Drums)

2015 Paul Simon – Recorded drum tracks for his new Project

October 14th to 22nd, 2014 – Japan tour with Mikarimba Mika Sportsman, Richard Stoltzman, John Tropea, Eddie Gomez, Steve Gadd, Duke Gadd

August 20th to 22th, 2014 – Promo video shoot with “Trees” Original pieces written by Duke Gadd, Anthony Alvarez, Vini Mauger and Thomas Kosko

July 21, 2014 – Recording with Ray Reandeau

June 24, 2014 – Recording with John Tropea

May 30, 2013 Carnegie Hall with Mikarimba featuring Mika Stoltzman (Marimba) & Richard Stoltzman (Clarinet) Plays Reich, Zorn, McKinley, Douglas and Chick Corea

Guests – Gayle Moran Corea (Voice), David Finck (Bass), Harlem String Quartet, Bill Cahn (Per.), David Phil (Piano)

2013: Recorded with Mikarimba a band in New York NY, featuring Mika Stoltzman (Marimba), Steve Gadd (Drums and Producer), Richard Stoltzman (Clarinet), Eddie Gomez (Bass), John Tropea (Guitar) and the Harlem String Quartet (Violins, Cello) at Avatar studio.  Toured 5 different cities in Japan and the Cairo jazz festival in Egypt

2012: Recorded with Edie Brickell (singer/songwriter) at Avatar studio New York, NY 2013, Steve Gadd (Drums and Producer), Pino Palladino (Bass), Andy Fairweather (Low Guitar) were also on the album.

2010: Did some drum videos with Dan Tomlinson (Drummer for Lyle Lovett) in Phoenix, AZ (songs featuring Ray Riendeau) Played with Carole Pellatt (guitar teacher ASU) and Dom Moio (Drum Teacher ASU) in Tempe AZ

2008: Recorded with Brian Welch (Korn) & Tony Levin in Phoenix, AZ

2007: Recorded with Joe Brucado in Los Angeles

2004-2006: Toured the US with Buckets and Tap Shoes (a band based out of Minneapolis).


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