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What The World Needs Now!

On January 11th, a new venture was started to create an institute where performing artists of all ages, could learn the street smarts, the subjects that aren’t taught in any school. As we all know, the performing arts has practically been eliminated from many schools but talented, passionate people continue to spring up all over […]

We Have A Space!!!

As of 4PM on November 9th, 2015, The Performers Institute has a home.  We ran into an old friend, businessman, music lover who owns a warehouse and it happens to be laid out perfectly for the start of our new venture…stage included!! We hope to get all the necessary setup, painting, cleaning and whatever else […]

TPI scheduled to open fall 2015

This is a performance institute like no other.  We will uncover all the missing pieces to the puzzle and explain how it is possible to make a living as a performer.  The words “starving performer” will never be heard behind these walls. Our team consist of the cream of the crop not only in Arizona but […]

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