The Performers Institute prides itself on giving back through education.  We will be offering many live in-house clinics, workshops and seminars.  While many people in the surrounding states will travel to attend these events, the goal is for us to share our live in-house clinics, workshops, seminars and courses with the world to create a more knowledgeable and informed performing arts community.

We pride ourself on being the authority on many subjects that encompass being a performer in today’s world.  Some online courses will be a prerequisite for particular educational paths.  Other courses will simply be highly educational and informative on subjects that haven’t been properly documented a successful approaches to various performing arts subjects.

Another offering that The Performers Institute will provide, is continuing education courses for performing arts professionals around the world who have the opportunity through education, to better strengthen and encourage the growth of the performing arts all around the world.  We want to freshen up the approach of teaching music and the performing arts and bring ground breaking ideas to all who are interested in making a difference with today’s creative minds.

Yes, talent is a big part of being a success in the arts but having a savvy business sense is equally important in reaching your goals.  How many times have you heard the horror stories of managers or record companies taking all the money of an artist and leaving them broke? Are you having trouble booking gigs?  Holding onto a gig?  Finding equal-minded performers?  Do you know how to run band? Conduct a rehearsal?

Over time, we will cover every as is pertains to the performing arts, to help you with your success.