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After you work so hard on your craft and you don’t get the opportunities to pursue them full-time or perform in front of people, the glamour of it all starts to fade.  

If you’re an adult wanting to make it, you start to get down on yourself.  If you’re a young adult, your excitement keeps you going for quite some time but why not work smart and make every moment count while you’re young enough to gain some headway.  If you’re a parent, you’re spending money on lessons, equipment, etc. and you may or may not know if your child is serious.

At TPI, we take those who want to seriously follow their passion and provide them with all the life lessons compiled from our working professionals who are involved in the institute.  This eliminates much of the trial and error and help to make their dreams a reality.  For those who simply want to have fun and pursue being a performer as a hobby or for self-enjoyment, we also help to make those visions come true.

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Working Professionals

Everyone involved at TPI, is a working professional and has been hand picked for expertise in their area.

Why would students want to learn about being a performer from someone who works a non-performer related day job and teaches part-time because either they like it or need extra money?

There is something to be said about learning from those who are doing and everyone at The Performers Institute makes their living from performing out live on a weekly if not nightly basis.

Stage Performers

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Workshops/Master Classes

Some subjects pertaining to becoming a high level performer and making a living doing so, requires more in depth ways of learning the necessary skills…this is where additional types of learning come into play.

These special events are going to be very thorough and dive very deep into each subject.  You will leave one of these events with a vast amount of knowledge in the featured subject.  Being able to listen to an expert on the subject, ask direct questions and participate in brainstorming sessions will engrain this knowledge into your mind.

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Online Learning

Being A Performer Today’s World, Is Accomplished Both In Person And With Online Studies

Being a successful performer is not simply made up of practicing your craft to the point of mastery and hoping the phone rings.  There are so many factors that weigh into a successful career and we are here to fill-in all the blanks.

We not only offer live instruction at our facility, we also offer online courses to enhance and round out the full learning experience.  Some lessons that are necessary in your journey as a performer, don’t require a live, one on one session.  That is where our online education area helps to round out our offerings and arm you with all the knowledge you need, to be successful.

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Online Courses

About TPI

The Performers Institute is a place like no other.  The mystery surrounding why it is so hard to follow your dream, your passion to make a living as a professional performer, will be answered here.  You will be taught how to succeed and avoid the pitfalls.

Our founder closed down a lucrative business in 2010 that had nothing to do with being a performer, in order to follow his dream, his passion. Today, he makes a living from performing live, studio sessions, clinics, etc.

Why Choose Us

  • Professional Working Performers
  • In studio live instruction/workshops/master classes
  • Online courses to prepare you for whatever comes your way
  • First-hand knowledge & steps on how to succeed
  • A support community like no other

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